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Attendance Promotion Brochure

A single brochure (printed or digital) used to promote attendance at a show. Judging criteria includes:

  • Overall presentation, visual appeal and creativity.
  • Organization of the information presented (ease to follow/find information).
  • Clarity of information, overall message and content usefulness.
  • How the presentation relates to the overall “theme” of the event.
  • How well the piece met its intended goals.

The submission form for this category will request the following information:

Attendance Promotion Brochure Title Enter the name of the piece or the show name if the brochure does not have its own title.
Attendance Promotion Brochure Goals and Objectives Provide an overview of the goals and objectives the brochure was intended to meet/fulfill.
Attendance Promotion Brochure Performance Provide in-depth details as to how the brochure met its goals and objectives. This information may be provided in narrative format using the text box below or a file (such as a case study format) may be uploaded in the following question.
Attendance Promotion Brochure Performance Upload Upload supporting documentation regarding the brochure's performance here. Maximum file size for this upload is 10MB.
Attendance Promotion Brochure Sample Upload the file of the actual brochure here. Maximum file size for this upload is 10MB.
Information Posted Online Enter the URL for information posted on a website that pertains to your entry.
Final Note Is there anything else you would like us to know about the entry? Use the space below to enter additional details not addressed by the other questions and/or that you would like the judges to consider.

QUESTIONS? Contact Mary Tucker at mtucker@iaee.com or +1 (972) 687-9226.