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Show Brand Design/Development

Visual and messaging components used to build a new show’s brand or rebrand a show that was already in existence. Judges take into consideration all the separate elements of the marketing campaign to determine how well they leave a lasting impression on the target audience, and if they are effective in creating a brand association with the show. Judging criteria includes:

  • Originality, visual appeal and creativity of the show logo and/or “theme” material.
  • How effectively the individual marketing elements connect with the overall show brand.
  • Ease with which the audience correlates the branding back to the show.
  • How well the branding speaks to the experiential value attendees can expect from the show.
  • How well each branding effort meets its marketing objectives.

The submission form for this category will request the following information:

Show Brand Design/Development Description Explain in detail the meaning behind the show brand: the message it is intended to convey, how it represents the show, etc.
Show Brand Design/Development Goals and Objectives Provide an overview of the marketing goals and objectives set forth for the show brand.
Show Brand Design/Development Performance Provide in-depth detail as to how the brand met its goals and objectives. This information may be provided in narrative format using the text box below or a file (such as a case study format) may be uploaded in the following question.
Show Brand Design/Development Performance Upload Upload supporting documentation regarding the brand's performance here. Maximum file size for this upload is 10MB.
Show Brand Design/Development Photos Upload Upload photos of your brand usage at the show. Merge multiple photos into a single PDF file with the photo and its corresponding description on each page. Maximum file size for this upload is 10MB.
Additional Upload Upload additional documentation here. Maximum file size for this upload is 10MB.
Information Posted Online Enter the URL for information posted on a website that pertains to your entry.
Final Note Is there anything else you would like us to know about the entry? Use the space below to enter additional details not addressed by the other questions and/or that you would like the judges to consider.

QUESTIONS? Contact Mary Tucker at mtucker@iaee.com or +1 (972) 687-9226.