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Competition Structure:

The IAEE Art of the Show Competition judges event marketing activities for trade shows and related ancillary functions across the following categories:

  • Attendee/Booth Interaction Tactic
  • Attendance Promotion Brochure
  • Attendance Promotion Campaign
  • Convention Center Promotion (size categories do not apply)
  • Email Promotion Campaign
  • Exhibit Sales Brochure/Prospectus
  • Most Innovative Use of Technology
  • Print Advertising Campaign
  • Show Brand Design/Development
  • Show Daily
  • Show Promotion Website
  • Signage/Decor
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Sponsorship Program

Each category is divided into the following three show sizes except where noted:

  • Under 75, 000 net square feet
  • 75,001 – 200,000 net square feet
  • Over 200,001 net square feet

Winners will be determined for each category/size category. A “Best of Show” winner will then be selected from the category winners.


The show, or the marketing activity for the show, must have taken place between 1 September 2017 and 14 September 2018. If the show takes place in a series of years (example: every other year or every x number of years), it is eligible  as long as the marketing activity for the show, or the show itself, occurred within the above stated date range.

Submission Fees:

IAEE Member:
Initial Entry = $275
Additional Entries (no limit): $150 each

Non Member:
Initial Entry: $400
Additional Entries (no limit): $150 each

QUESTIONS? Contact Mary Tucker at mtucker@iaee.com or +1 (972) 687-9226.